2020 – My Life in Lockdown: Week 1

24/03/2020 – Day 1:
I spent the morning working on my scrapbook on my housemates balcony in the sunshine, before making a fry up for lunch. The afternoon saw me in bed, watching youtube videos and having a nap. Then in the evening my best friend Jade and I sat down to watch the first episode of Darwin’s Game (in our respectve homes) – I really like it so far, the concept is awesome. The evening ended with a much needed catch up of Number24 before bed.

25/03/2020 – Day 2:
Today, I went to the shop in the morning, to get some essentials to keep me going – I can safely say that I have never seen our fridge and freezer so full! After my daily walk along the beach, my afternoon then got taken away from me when I downloaded Houseparty and spent the day chatting with my friends. Finished with some more Darwin’s Game (with Jade) and Number24 and I was out for the count.

26/03/2020 – Day 3:
Today was a pretty lazy day for me, I played Lego Hobbit pretty much all day. I had been waiting on a phone call from my company, so didn’t want to play anything I wouldn’t be able to pause, plus I’m trying to platinum it and I didn’t really want to go out and miss the chance to take notes. I didn’t hear from my work until after 5pm, and they only sent me email – not particularly helpful but I got the info I needed. I then went out for my daily walk, which was much needed, and got to soak up the beautiful sunset. After joining the appreciation ‘clapping’ for the NHS, Jade and I went to the virtual pub for a chat and some drinks 🙂

27/03/2020 – Day 4:
After the laziness of yesterday, I got busy today! Spent all morning (and a bit of the afternoon) giving my car a nice clean. It had its challenges, such as 2 extension leads out the living room window to allow me to hoover out the car, but I feel accomplished for getting it done. Living by the beach, it probably won’t stay this way for long but it was nice to get out in the nice weather whilst I can. In the afternoon, I accosted my housemates balcony and sat out in the sunshine writing blog posts (!). After the sun went away, I simply just relocated to the living room and continued on, along with doing some photo editing for my Instagram.

28/03/2020 – Day 5:
Today was not a good day. After guiding my nan through how to download an app over video call, an incredibly painful experience I might add, I just got a lil sad. Today was meant to be my first day in Japan, so that sucks and made the day a little somber, because Japan was my dream destination and even after booking, I still didn’t get to go. I did a little morning work out (trying to get into a routine), caught up on some anime and then things went downhill. My housemates were pretty rude to me and it left me feeling super lonely and like I don’t belong. So my afternoon consisted of watching anime to distract myself and taking a nap. This evening I hosted an online family quiz night, which was actually quite fun, and then chatted with Jade to try and feel a little better. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day but I have a feeling this mood may drag on a little longer.

29/03/2020 – Day 6:
Today was a little better compared to yesterday. I started the morning with a clean of the kitchen, before having a super duper lazy day. I pretty much just vegged out the entire day, managing to get through a season and a half of Bojack Horseman, do some scrapbooking and play a little Ni No Kuni II. I have also found a couple of workout challenges I am going to take on as of tomorrow, to help motivate and keep me in a better routine!

30/03/2020 – Day 7:
This morning I went for a walk first thing, to get myself out the house and bit of a refresher. I then worked on my scrapbook (I think I may be done as far as this goes for now as I have run out of glue). I then started my workout routine and organised some upcoming Instagram posts. Of course this was accompanied by watching some more Bojack and playing more Ni No Kuni II. On paper it doesn’t sound like too much, but I felt like I was keeping busy all and that’s all the matters 🙂

And that was my first week in lockdown!! Two more weeks to go (if it doesn’t get extended). I hope things will clear up with my housemates soon, and I can maybe get some more productive things to report.

2020: My February Summary

February has been a pretty overall rubbish month for me. I’ve been unwell, had work-related pay issues, I’ve had two of my families members experience strokes and also the Coronavirus has come along and is now threatening my trip to Japan! My mental health has taken a bit of a hit over the last couple weeks but I’m doing my best to stay strong, positive and be the best person I can be. I’ve dealt with it before and I can do it again.

Regarding Japan, I have no intentions of cancelling the holiday at this point in time and I would rather not if I don’t have to. I have just as much risk of catching anything in my office (as I work for a travel company and people are always in different places) as I do there. Plus, I have been waiting so long for this holiday I can’t pass up the opportunity, especially if I won’t be covered by my insurance for the cancellation. There’s a lot about this situation that make it a very controversial topic, and I don’t want to get into too much of a rant on here but the simplest way I see it is: people are still going on holidays to Europe despite the increase in cases and currently the stats in some of Europe are about the same as Japan at this point, so why should I have to cancel my holiday when no one else is cancelling theirs, just because I’m going to Asia?

I did however, get my first theatre trip of the year in this month. I went to go see ‘A Comedy About A Bank Robbery’ by the Mischief Theatre Company at the Criterion Theatre. I actually bought seats for myself and my grandparents as a Christmas present, so it was nice to cash it in. It is an incredibly hilarious show and I had so much fun. Now I just need to get in all of the company’s remaining shows – I’ve ticked ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’, ‘Peter Pan Goes Wrong’ and ‘A Comedy About A Bank Robbery’ off the list now!

I also started (very minimally – and by minimally I mean ordered the fabric) on my latest cosplay project – Anne Boleyn from SIX The Musical. I am actually planning on doing a write up on the process as we make the outfit, so watch this space!

Otherwise, a quiet month for me. I actually started cycling to work, as this will save me a lot of time and money but because we seem to have a different storm every week here in England at the moment, I managed to cycle for about a week before I had to start getting the bus again. I keep hoping that the weather will clear up so I can get back on the bike soon… but it doesn’t look likely.

Challenge Update!

I feel like I’m really lacking in the book department this year so far! I just haven’t been able to find a book that has properly grasped me so it’s taken me a lot longer to get through the things I am reading. I’m sure I’ll pick something amazing up soon and will push the scales up on my challenge.

Of course, if anyone wants to chat about any of the below, do hit me up on Instagram or Twitter – I love talking about the things I love!! 🙂

  • Read 52 Books: 1 Book in February. Total Books read in 2020: 2
    • A Witch’s Bell 3 by Odette C. Bell
  • Watch 25 Anime Series: 2 Anime Series in February. Total Anime Series watched in 2020: 3
    • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
    • Bungo Stray Dogs S01
  • Watch 15 Movies: 3 Movies in February. Total Movies watched in 2020: 6
    • July 22
    • Missing Link
    • My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
  • Watch 25 TV Shows: 1 TV Show in February. Total TV Shows watched in 2020: 5
    • Locke & Key
  • Create 6 New Cosplays: 0 Cosplays in February. Total Cosplays created in 2020: 0
  • Attend 2 New Conventions: 0 Cons in February. Total Cons attended in 2020: 0
  • Complete 5 Games: 0 Games in February. Total Games completed in 2020: 0
  • 5 Theatre Trips: 1 Theatre Trip in February. Total Theatre trips in 2020: 1
    • A Comedy About A Bank Robbery

And that about sums up my February. I can’t wait to get into March! It’ll most likely be another quiet one as I desperately save the last of my pennies for Japan at the end of the month but that means I should have plenty of time to work on my challenges!

2020: My January Summary

A bit delayed, but here we are a month into 2020 already! I decided I wanted to write up a little summary at the end of each month, detailing where I am with all my challenges, and also what I have been up to and managed to achieve in the month. So without further ado, lets begin:

I didn’t really get up to too much in January, with the biggest thing to note being that I booked my holiday to Japan. I have been wanting to go to Japan for around 8 years now, and I have also had previous potential visits fall through on me at the moment of booking and its been devastating. I honestly had this pit inside my stomach that I would never actually get to go. But here we are, it’s finally booked and I don’t have long to wait – I’m off at the end of March!!! I’m so so excited for this, I get to go with my bestest gal (@ohnoitsjade) and we’re going to be travelling around a few areas and I still can’t believe it’s actually happening 😮

Apart from that, I haven’t done too much. Helped a little with a friend moving house, work team meal and re-starting the gym after a 3-week Christmas/New Year break. Something I am quite proud of, but currently I feel like I’m not at the stage where this is something important for me to discuss.

Challenge Update!

So I’m not going to go into loads of detail on the update, as I am planning on doing a write up about my challenges and the books, movies, series etc. that stuck with me at the end of the when they are all (hopefully) completed! Of course, if anyone wants to chat about any of the below, do hit me up on Instagram or Twitter – I love talking about the things I love!! 🙂

  • Read 52 Books: 1 Book in January. Total Books read in 2020: 1
    • A Witch’s Bell 2 by Odette C. Bell. (I am currently in the middle of the 3rd book in the series and hopefully will finish it before the end of February!)
  • Watch 25 Anime Series: 1 Anime Series in January. Total Anime Series watched in 2020: 1
    • Gakuen Heaven
  • Watch 15 Movies: 3 Movies in January. Total Movies watched in 2020: 3
    • The Lion King (2019)
    • The Playmobil Movie
    • Little Women (2020)
  • Watch 25 TV Shows: 4 TV Shows in January. Total TV Shows watched in 2020: 4
    • You (S02)
    • RuPaul’s All Stars (S04)
    • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (S03)
    • Cheer
  • Create 6 New Cosplays: 0 Cosplays in January. Total Cosplays created in 2020: 0
  • Attend 2 New Conventions: 0 Cons in January. Total Cons attended in 2020: 0
  • Complete 5 Games: 0 Games in January. Total Games completed in 2020: 0
  • 5 Theatre Trips: 0 Theatre Trips in January. Total Theatre trips in 2020: 0

So, all in all, a pretty quiet January. February is already proving to be a lot busier and March seems to have a lot in store for me as well. Here’s to on and upwards for the rest of the year!

2020 Challenges!

2019 was an interesting year for me with a lot of downs that make me glad to see the end of it. However, in amongst those downs, there were some really great ups – from moving out, to getting counselling, to starting a job I actually enjoy and going on an anime film holiday with my (lifeline) best friend.

So, to start 2020, I have decided to set myself a few challenges and goals to reach by the end of the year. I am planning to do quarterly updates on my progress, and hopefully a couple of reviews or round ups of shows I’ve watched/books I’ve read.

  • Read 52 Books
  • Watch 25 Anime Series
  • Watch 15 Movies
  • Watch 25 TV Shows
  • Create 6 New Cosplays
  • Attend 2 New Conventions
  • Complete 5 Games (Think this is a bit ambitious but oh well!!)
  • 5 Theatre Trips
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